Tuesday, 17 January 2012

HTC Flyer 7 inch Tablet PC

There are three types of Tablet PCs: the convertible, the slate and the rugged. Each type is designed with a specific user in mind. Whether you're looking for something sleek and extremely portable or extremely durable, knowing the choices available will help you decide which is best.

The Flyer looks like a blown up HTC Sensation from the front. Well, HTC has a good thing going in its smart phone design department and it ain’t such a bad thing to carry it forward in the tablet space too. The rear, however, is a different story all together. The top and bottom are two white pieces of plastic that come off to accommodate a SIM card and microSD card. Taking these pieces off is a monumental task and there were moments as many when I feared something would snap. Between the two is a metallic-finish portion that stays put and makes the tablet feel sturdy enough to last for a reasonable period of time.

Apart from the usual features you would expect from an Android tablet, the HTC Flyer also boasts of the new Scribe feature. To make use of this feature, the Flyer comes bundled with a stylus (known as the "Magic Pen"). Scribe allows you to make annotations, sketch or write notes using the stylus like you would on a regular notepad. You can scribble on the screen within almost every app (except for videos and the camera) and the moment you tap the screen with the pen, the tablet takes a snapshot of the screen allowing you to scribble on it.

This is a really snappy little device. With a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor and 1 GB of RAM, it’s pretty hard to slow this thing down. It never feels laggy or jittery, graphic intensive games like Dungeon Defenders load quickly and moving around inside the OS is comfortable. The stylus is very useful and functions mostly as you’d want it to.
So for what are you waiting guys check it out HTC Flyer specification and features is too cool gadgets ever.

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